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Welcome to my tcPhoto album!

Major overhaul for tcPhotos!

As some of you may remember in the early days of Tamiyaclub we had quite a few subscribers wanting to use their showrooms to host any photos they liked regardless if they were related to Tamiya, RC or of interest to our visitors. We thought this was a fair requirement but wanted to keep Tamiyaclub clean and focused on its core interest, so we set up tcPhotos.com

tcPhotos was a completely stand-alone site, where it was up to you what you uploaded and what you shared with others and as a subscriber you were set up with an account there.

Over the years, Tamiyaclub has gone from strength to strength while tcPhotos has been left behind a little. Through a lack of promotion and a lack of use, its now quite a dated service thats really ran it course and I won't be able to maintain and host going forward, so this is notice that in the next couple of months I'll be turning the existing service off.

I do recognise that some subscribers use the service and probably more would if it were a better service, so I plan to replace it with something new and better! As this service is about generic picture hosting Ive set up a new dedicated picture hosting site based on a service designed for exactly that. This service can be accessed at tcphotos.net and if you are interested in using this service, let me know and I'll set you up an account there and send you the details. Any links directly to photos on tcphotos.com will continue to work after the switch to the new service (although if you want them appearing in you new albums you'll need to upload them again there)

If wish to try this new service then contact me via the club and I'll set it up for you

Cheers Chris

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