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Welcome to my tcPhoto album!

This album hasn't been fully set up yet.

If this is your album then please log in using your email address and password on the right. You are then just a few simple steps away from having your own private photo album.
  • After logging in click on the 'Set up' link. From there you will be able to change the text that appears on this page (your home page)

  • After this add 'sections' to your website, to which you will add photos later. Eg you might have sections called, Family, Holidays, Sports, Beanies etc - as many as you want, covering what ever topic you want. You can create these by clicking on the 'New section' link.

  • When adding a section, you can enter the name of that section, a description to be displayed when people visit the page, an order number - this governs what order your sections will appear in the menu that will be created. You can also add a password to the section, which will only allow those people to see the items in that section. You might want to post pictures of your family and friends and restrict it so only your family and friends can see them - this is how you would do it. Just email them and let them know what the password is. You can have different passwords for different sections. If you do not specify a password then the contents are available for any one to see.

  • Once you have created your sections you can add sets of photos to them in the fasion you are already familiar with

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